Making due with less may feel like deprivation, instead of a lifestyle choice.

I’ve decided to homeschool and live remotely, isolated from the evils of man.

The children will learn a work ethic, clean living, and good manners.  There’s a community of frugal people who live the simple life.  They are healthy and happy.  It’s an Evangelical theme song.  There are people all over the world like that!

We could all learn something!

Yesterday, Christy Sheats shot and killed both her daughters.  Her facebook page offers no clues.  It’s the perfect family. Everyone thought so. She’s all about family, her need to protect her family, and her rights. Yes, the police knew she had a history of severe mental illness and she had guns. America is growing tired of mentally ill people with guns. Is it enough to identify them?

There is deprivation that comes from hunger, poverty, and war.  It damages people.  There are people who escape terrible situations and become wiser.  Hardships can make people stronger.  We are afraid of hardships because we don’t know how to deal with it and many would rather do nothing at all, to change that.  The implications are huge and laws don’t always change things.

I do think it’s all about our ability to continue to love when things are broken.  To be brave enough to stare into the face of trouble with our best answers. Love is tough because it affects everyone. When mental illness is something we accept with compassion, maybe we will worry less about being deprived of our rights.