Awe is an easy thing to find.  I feel that way each time I take a walk, listen to birds, look at the sky, or consider the miracle of mankind. I am in awe of ‘awareness’.  It is courageous to be aware, experience, discover and observe all walks of life.  It is more pleasant to listen to people describe their own experience than it is to listen to people observed someone having an experience.

This awful story is of an Amish couple, who ‘gifted’ their fourteen-year-old daughter to an older man, and have been arrested.  In many states, this would have been legal.  In Massachusetts, females can marry at the age of twelve and they are the first state to recognize same-sex marriage. (Europe isn’t a lot better). What will happen to the twelve children?  I hope they are brave.

I am awed by progress.  I imagine there will be technology to end addiction and help people navigate their many differences and challenges.  There will be more tolerance, inclusiveness and respect because that’s what everyone wants.  This is the age of people.

When there are a lot of people, people learn about themselves.