Mrs. Fain said there were fairies in the woods.  She was a very down-to-earth older person who chewed tobacco and always seemed to be in a rocking chair.  I never saw fairies, but I’m sure she did.  Your mind creates your world.  Maybe she created fairies or maybe we’ve taught ourselves to not see fairies.

I feel sad today.  It could be a bad reaction to a spider bite or I can’t read the news because something horrible will be reported in Orlando.  I don’t think of myself as a religious person, but I pray.  I don’t think the doctor will do anything about my spider bite, but I made an appointment. Everything you think, everything you touch, feel, hear, see or smell is natural.  Finding the force that causes that natural thing to happen is what makes us human. It helps us make better decisions.

Another blogger posted this religious song by Christina Grimme.  It made me feel better.