Don’t overthink.  There are many paths, but you can only travel one.

I was photographing rocks yesterday and spoke with a man selling jewelry, who said, “I am not materialistic.  I am not owned by my possessions.”

“You should get a bicycle and collect gemstones.”

I was thinking of Margo Polo who bicycles around the world.  She was in Myanmar this April, who knows where she is now.  I didn’t really know exactly where gemstones are in New York  State or this continent, but I’ve seen a lot of quartz, chert and staurolite. e8865623f4e5438ef61016e0e7713cef

It isn’t the stone that’s magic; it’s the story that’s told about the stone.  I felt this man could tell a story, but I didn’t know how to explain that.  He understood.

“I’m going to get a pickup truck.”

That would be hard to fit on a bicycle.  It’s the kind of thing that wants to own you.  I’ve met a lot of people who are nonmaterialistic, but there’s always stuff, even if it’s not yours.  Stuff has rules and wherever you go, whatever you do, it’s all about the rules. If you tell people your story, they will explain the rules.

I had a friend in Ohio who excavated fields with geologists, looking for Indian artifacts.  The Flint River was a huge marketplace a few thousand years ago.  Stone from the Flint River has been found one thousand miles away.  The stones tell you where people lived, where they fought, and what was important to them.

“Hello, I would like to explore history in your cabbage patch.  Do you mind?”

Everything looks simple when you can only take one path. We shook hands.