Technology has caused a transformation of life on earth.

I think the world is a better today than any time in history.  Today we are discussing malnutrition and clean water instead of death by famine.  Today more people go hungry than ever before and more people are obese and both conditions are symptoms of malnutrition. We need a better diet.

I have a garden.  It’s important to grow fresh tomatoes, corn, and peas because they taste better than anything else in the world.  Mostly I grow worms.  If the worms are happy, -the plants are happy.  The soil must be easy to weed and always moist.  The worms know this. Grow an ecosystem.

In Thailand, they have a lot of people and eat more bugs than anyone on earth.  Bugs are a great source of protein and can be produced very efficiently.  Chefs in the USA are working on how to make bug dishes more appealing.  I have never eaten bugs but, but I think my children should.

Jared Diamond believes the world would be improved if people were more labor intensive and traveled less.  We need to behave sustainably.  As long as we can continue to take selfies, it wouldn’t be a big deal.