I didn’t expect anyone to notice.

People who perform heroic acts don’t always like to be noticed.  It’s embarrassing!  All that attention implies that society knows bad things happen, so they pass out candy canes for damage control.  It implies heroic people just want candy canes.  It turns a decent human act into an awkward theater.  The person receiving the award usually mumbles something like, “Thank you and I want to say hi to my mom.  Hi, Mom!”

People who fail others create embarrassment.  Bill Clinton was a sex addict.  That must have been embarrassing for his daughter, Chelsea, to live with.  She doesn’t talk about it publically.

“If you did something wrong, apologize!  If you didn’t do anything wrong, don’t apologize!”

It isn’t easy to stop doing self-destructive things.  Are you trying to loose weight?  Did you loose your job?  There’s no point in apologizing, but everyone knows your embarrassed.

Hold your head up! Look around!  Don’t make people grovel so you can see them better.

We have to live with social pressure.  Being able to feel is a good thing, being controlled by a feeling is bad.