Purpose sounds like you’ve achieved a great thing. I met a man who said he was child on the 1939 voyage of the MS St Louis which was carrying Jewish prisoners to Cuba.  It was a sham, funded by Nazi’s and Cuba would not allow them to dock, nor would the United States.  They went back to Europe and the captain said he would drive the ship into a reef before he would take these people back to face torture and he had a petition signed by the passengers.  Only one third of the 900 passengers survive the war; this man was eventually adopted by a family in the US.  He understood uncertainty.  It was 1974, and he was a travelling businessman and he said he like the House of Pancakes because they had the same menu in every state.

Your purpose is to be alive and live your life.

What I’ve learned by writing a little each day, is that strength comes from daily routine, but it is not a promise.  You choose your routine to fulfill your aspirations and listen for an answer.