The craziest thing about being alive is the lies people believe.  Republicans are still struggling with the extremism of Trump, but they’re hold out hope he will tone it down, so, they could actually endorse their most popular candidate.

From my facebook friends:

“This is the first election in which there are voters too young to remember 911.  Feel old.”

“I think my dog’s a Democrat”, is pretty funny until he decides the dog is going to have to die.  Killing the groveling dog, who barks, jumps, or annoys you in any way is kind of a historic comment.  Big arguments occur in rural areas around dogs who attack livestock, and the solution is harsh.  The Daily Kos, “I think my cat’s a Republican” will continue feeding their cat.

Most of the Memorial Day post commemorate D-Day.  War’s have become more controversial since television become standard. Life and death is played out in headlines. Killing a gorilla is a national question, this video shows the child being pulled through the water. Should the child’s mother be arrested? The little boy wanted to play in the water. There is evidence less people are dying from war.

It’s good to pause and think about the role of violence in the world. Being a better human doesn’t end with a good win. Healing the trauma also defines humanity.