I know a woman who gave birth to her first child when she was a teenager because she was a victim of incest.  Her mother adopted her granddaughter and even though the criminal is in prison, this woman still suffers.  Some days she is angry, some days she cries, and she tries to feel better but, her approach is obsessive.

Life isn’t fair.  Even though she is around people who do care, that can be a prison.  Caring people will support you no matter what, but what if you crawl inside yourself and never come out?  It’s not functional and becoming functional requires that you bear the burden of appearing in public, -wounded and not on top of things every day.  People will talk!

Wear a watch and time yourself, start with what you know, then do something you know nothing about.  Life is magic and grows in unlikely places. Compare yourself to yourself.  If you scream at someone, you can decide to apologize or not. If you scream at no one you haven’t made a decision at all. It’s embarrassing because the goal is to stop screaming, but you won’t. Choose to live. You can take your life back!

People respect instant gratification (which isn’t good for them), and they don’t like being screamed at.  You are a social being and need people and you need to scream less. Try glaring at people instead (I did this and the jerks started leaving me alone). Also, turning your head and not speaking when someone speaks to you, makes them nuts. Don’t be afraid of failure, in fact, YOU need to learn how to fail gracefully, -I’ve decided to drop  this class. Consider wearing your hair in spikes.  Take your space among the living!

When I think about what I would like to tell her, I’m really proud of her.