Dreams never stop; they come from your soul.

Fantasy is seeing something and then wanting it.  You didn’t even think of it yourself.

I had a broken leg and was not allowed to use crutches, and I had no car, and I had an infant that was six months old.   I tried writing, and then I tried meditation and prayer and then I had a dream.

A spiritual teacher showed me silos filled with grain and said, “The wheat resides in the winter and not the winter in the wheat.”

I knew the wheat is a living thing that will spring to life when it is nurtured.  I only had a nightgown to wear, so, I meditated on a pair of blue pants, and someone gave them to me.  They fit perfectly.  I put my baby in a sling and walked to the employment office, and the job counselor told me I smelled bad and looked like a slob.  So I grew plants and sold them at the flea market, and I also finished my high school diploma.

My ex-husband took my inheritance, and my mother took my insurance settlement.  People said I was petty and unpleasant, and I was asked to leave. I was scared. Each day I woke up and told myself.

“I can see the sun.  I’m still alive.”

I didn’t have a TV or radio, so I went to the library and borrowed a book on the employment opportunities in the US.  There were a lot of jobs for people called ‘Systems Analysts.”  I got a job a cotton mill and every time they had a layoff I went to the unemployment office with my baby and cried.

Dreams are the glass bottles you throw against a stone wall and sometimes the wall breaks.

I was trained to be an electronics technician.  Then I became a software engineer, and my baby graduated from Yale.

Dreams are living things you care for, nurture and grow.  Fantasy is noise about what people wish was true.  It’s easy to confuse a silly fantasy with a dream.

I promise if you care for your dream, every effort you make will take you closer to that dream.  Clear your mind.  See your vision.  Trust your God.  Pay attention.

A dream is about growing your soul.  A fantasy is about pretending the world isn’t real.