My bees left.  They were in a state of nirvana, tightly clustered around a new queen who landed on a white pine 30 ft in the air.  They did this last week and clustered on a hemlock branch only 15 ft high.   I got a ladder and put them back in the hive.  Why would they do this again?  I’m a little sad.

Swarming bees don’t sting because there’s no hive to defend.  Thousands of bees rise in a cloud, filling the air with a deafening buzz.  Then they form a dewdrop cluster and send scouts to find a new home.  I should have bought a new queen when I split the hive.  It was an experiment.

Bees are important to life on earth.  They are the world’s pollinator.  We wouldn’t last long without them.  I hope they are safe.