Diversity is a measure.  Many languages in the world are disappearing.  There are 5 major religions and 7 billion people.  There are 3 or 4 races and 2 or 3 genders.  We are expressing a definition for conformity when we use the word ‘diversity.’

What we know is there are many problems in the world.  We use to think problems existed because people were immoral or crazy.  Now we think it’s because they are not diverse.  If we were the same, could we still be crazy?

We talk about diversity because many humans are migrating north.  People who are migrating, prefer Europe or North America.  The internet says people with a Ph.D. like Canada the best and people from China will go anyplace.  What if we measured population demographics, like rural areas as China does?  In the U.S., people live in rural settings, but they are not measured, as a view of diversity.

Many people are asking, “Is anyone going to help me?”

It’s all about the problems, and when you measure it, that’s how the problem is defined. It’s also about managing the world’s resources. It doesn’t mean tolerance, it means, ‘Will I get a slice of the pie?”