Wenda’s mother died when she was four.  Her father, a medical doctor, remarried and his new wife didn’t want to raise Wenda; so, she went to an orphanage.  She had relatives who felt badly about that, and they tried to adopt her, but she didn’t fit in with their kids. She liked the orphanage better and always went back there. The nuns told her to avoid the kids at school because they would take advantage of her; they understood how careless good intentions harms a desperate child. She worked for the Veteran’s Administration as an adult and enjoyed giving lots money away.

It’s a hard knock life when you don’t have parents, for any reason.

Aunt Ruth cried when I wanted to return home after staying with her for one year.  I didn’t think she would care.  I didn’t understand that although I was a burden, and I didn’t fit in; I was also a child who lived with a caring person.  Most of my life I thought about why she cried because I was damaged and I knew she couldn’t change that. After I left, she bought me modeling lessons, and my mother had to take me to class.  The modeling teacher looked like a movie star and she always talked directly to my mother when she told her how I should wash my hands or buy a bra.  The other girls were nice to me.  It upsets my mother when I imply that Aunt Ruth would help me, it was ALL for her.

Mentally ill people don’t become adults. They want to feel better.  The tougher things are the more they fantasize and forget their troubles.  People called my mother a fanatic.  She’s fanatical about politics and religion.   She gave us 20$ and left us at home for a couple weeks while she was a Christian camp counselor for other children. She later said no one at church asked about us, so she didn’t know better.

This year I sent her a multi-cooker for Mother’s Day.  I love mine. She didn’t like it and Mother’s Day isn’t until next week!

Once I bought her inspirational tapes by Marianne Williamson and she was outraged.  She’s not a weak, wimpy Christian.

My mother stole my religion and I’m taking it back.  God said don’t try so hard. Jesus has this covered. She’s fine!

A lot of people have a mother.  They should celebrate Mother’s Day.  That’s not the same day as Un-Mother’s Day. I’m going to run five miles and get an ice cream.