Abandonment helps you know yourself and think less of others.  It isn’t about replacing what you lost.  It’s about learning what you want.

Don’t get hijacked by fear!

Don’t overthink!

Find a library and read good books and try to clean up. Talk to every church and social agency. Get ID and apply for jobs. After you’ve done everything you can think of for yourself, -pray, cry and beg. 

You probably aren’t pleasant to look at, so, ask for something small.   

If you have to steal; take something inexpensive from a bargain store in a safe neighborhood.

If you aren’t asking yourself these question, then you aren’t abandoned; you’re just on your own. That’s very lonely and painful, but you can heal.

Take care of yourself.  Watch every sunrise and every sunset.  Run in the rain and dance in the sun.

Give yourself as much time to heal, as it took to get in this mess.